Pacific Storm

Pacific Storm

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are you ready to change the course of the Second World War?

The Second World War came and went, but the effects of a World War, conflict, and making the story live around the cap. War; that fill libraries of books, hundreds of DVDs full of tapes full of movies and was the subject of the game. Everyone took an aspect of this war and it worked. A Pacific storm Pacific storm or did something that no one has ever done before, and it has enabled us to meet with fans by taking only a part of the war. Many Second World War-themed game when dealing with the overall conduct of the war in the Pacific war Pacific storm front is the only part you’re interested in. The Pacific coast, sea and air battles of the game put in a performance that portrays quite successful with this aspect.

The United States, taken to Japan in the Second World War, the atomic bomb and its inhuman film was shot from front to justify Pearl Harbor. The hero of this movie! Nuking Japan was telling me that they are justified in the U.S. Army. This movie is one of America’s favorite and most watched films, certainly watching duygulanip are crying. Pacific storm is a game that goes in parallel with the film. You were in the movie, the same purpose is not known, but us examine the technological dimension of the game. Let’s take a little look into the history of the game;

7 December 1941

The U.S. Pacific Fleet stationed at Pearl Harbor attacked by Japanese suicide planes is a large part of who they were. In the event that is remembered in history as the Japanese Kamikaze had caused great damage to the American fleet. A crowded Japanese air Army which has a fleet of aircraft, the U.S. Navy before the Navy could even respond to that was going to pour out upon tons of bullets and bombs. This fierce battle will arise the first step of the slaughter had been great.

real-time strategy / tactical war game Pacific storm RTS game a war simulator and at the same time. We also off the Pacific coast in the war by selecting our ranks we can be a part of the struggle. If you wished the American Navy, if they wish, by selecting one of the bloodiest naval battles of World War II, Japan fight in the ranks.

a real-time strategy game based natural resource management logic as in the later works. This time, quite a variety of resources; money, Iron, nickel, oil, etc., Our goal is using resources effectively, train units and attack the enemy. All of the oppressor, the enemy, wins the game. Technology research, military training and war-induced complex with the structure of the Pacific storm can be quite challenging, yet enjoyable game. Moreover, it’s not only the Sea Fleet, air and shore units of the game that adds a realistic infrastructure and a fairly large units into battle challenge. I say give him one thing, well the right will be defeated this wide range of that Pacific storm is a game with artificial intelligence. Kamikaze planes on their carriers, heavy the fastest ships in the Navy until almost everything is available in our disposal. Also multi-player/multiplayer-LAN support, the fun doubles. Especially the multiplayer part of the game very, very enjoyable and very successful.

for graphics and animations compared to his contemporaries, very successful. Especially in landscapes, the effects of streams, until the shine of the sea by the explosion of the bomb, everything is very successful and, of course, considering you tension soka music, a historical went to the peak of excitement. Carnet user Metacritic 6.2/10 Pacific storm strongly recommend all lovers of strategy.

enjoyable games.

CPU: P3-800 MHz processor

video card: 3D video card 32 MB you can play that game

RAM: 256 MB short term memory

free space: 1 GB free space there must be.

my operating site: Win 98/ XP


  • a game that offers a lot of choices
  • tissue is a historical real-time strategy

  • is not wide enough to the diversity of the game
  • too much bug
  • leaves a little old sounds and visuals

Total Downloads: 2

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