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PES 2011

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the world’s leading shown in the beginning of the football game PES, PES 2011 brought a team with innovations. Significant flexibility in the graphics and ball-handling that catches the eye first titles. Before I introduce you to the game, this note : download the demo version of the game as the game played by the team followed were highest with 9.5 out of 10. Last year’s version, especially the pace of the game is low, and in his own half of the field the opposing team is constantly considering paslastig this year, we can say that it was quite a novelty. We are delighted to introduce you to this particular game. If you want to have an idea about the graphics of PES 2011 you can watch a promotional video game.

The game is now more dynamism in the gameplay. Tactics and your game plan that you make in the game affect the game much more than the old series. After that kind of tactical play to the opponent you have to be within understanding. One of the changes in the game, there’s been studies on pas system. Now that you threw the cake will not go to the person at the time you have taken. It’s up to you to be taken to determine the location of the rust.

PES 2011 game football training with plenty of functions are quite different on behalf of the reasons we recommend that you use the menu. In the game of rust, varieties, types of Defense, passing and dribbling improved a lot of players his special techniques. In these circumstances, special key combinations that you are able to do it with how to use where to practice these movements you can learn. If you are installing Turkish language pack in the menu to train the “training” the option you should choose.

choosing the advice of friends to play the game, we definitely play at least one match in the direction of Barcelona, the team will be. Because now Messi has become a player with almost all the features 99. After that game PES 2011 Messi’s keeping yi is almost impossible. Even if you select Real Madrid team Messi, the same thing almost, it has been with C. Ronaldo.

the other development that caught our eye in game play as he ran fast with the ball dribbling rather than mass movements are no longer bulky structure will mislead your opponent with newest style have the option of running. Thus, even if the player is running directly on top of it at the last moment so your opponent can easily jump with a flick of your wrist you will be able. Of course defensive tackles in the game, as well as increased options in options also have been considered. Now, according to the position of the player may encounter different defensive style when defending and you will be able to apply styles. Now the guy in front of the ball by passing or receiving the ball, we can say that the era of slide closed.

Players with a worldwide reputation, especially when you examine it, we can say that more work has been done on the graphics of players. Designed as almost perfect in the game, players at first glance ;

  • Messi, Iniesta, Villa – Barcelona
  • C. Ronaldo, Casillas – Real Madrid
  • Drogba, Lampard – Chelsea
  • Tevez – M. city
  • Eto’o – Inter
  • Rooney – Man. United
  • Torres – Liverpool
  • Aguero, Forlan – A. Madrid

and usually the players themselves, which is peculiar to the joys of the lake, too preserved, brought wealth to joy a quite Lake. Do not be surprised because almost every player in the game scored in 100 different sevininc’s game will appear in PES 2011 e Lake joy varieties.

and now comes the best part : “master League online” you with the option of online the option to play master League for many years you with pleasure as well as other users ‘ teams will allow you to do that, that have been made so far will be the largest online platform in terms of a football game. At the same time you’ll be able to transfer players to the other team. You determine the price of the player, and therefore bids you will receive. The transfer will be available when I want to do the same to you.

last year, the most popular mode of “become a legend” game within PES 2011 will take place again this year. But of course this mod to improve on reforming and rotate. Tactical you tactical information about the game before a match to give your teacher on the Board as the sympathetic innovation in your eye, you could hit most of the game. This is a soccer game, real football up to the standards of and is an indication that is closer to the truth. When we started the game in become a legend mode in that game, where were you assigned your teacher wants you to do things as well as information appears on the screen. If so, your Teacher if you want to have a diagonal run from you, or if you want to do team is on offense while the wing overlays this information you will be able to see them on the screen.

the stadium PES 2011 soccer games between now editleyip you will be able to also make you want a new feature. The type of the type of grass you want if you want the grandstand if you want, you will be able to change the field type. Even the external views of the stadium, or even you are able to choose from the items in the menu.

another innovation is also the emblem of yourself, you will be able to create your own team. Ready-made templates, letters and colors you’ll be able to yourself by using the Arma. The hair styles of players in the game between Knight’s helmet, like a pumpkin carved funny items you can find. Newsprint instead of the ball, the balls like a sack of sugar by adding a little humor to the game elements are joined. Especially when you watch the video, you may laugh at this one with the extra mod. The place looks like a carnival rather than a football field.

in the previous games of the series, but not one of the innovations can be added to the Super Bowl game, Pro Evolution Soccer 2011. Now the UEFA Champions League match champion team in the Super Bowl a winner with a Dream Scene. Other additions to the Copa Santander Libertadores with a cup of this mug, also of the American continent a Champions League trophy.

System Requirements PES 2011 :

The minimum Intel CPU : Core 2 Duo E4400 2.0 GHz
minimum processor AMD : Athlon 64 X2 Dual Core 4200+
video card : GeForce 7900 GT
RAM memory : 2 GB
required disk space : 8 GB
Direct X version : 9


  • Incredible gameplay
  • enhanced graphics
  • rust angle 360 degrees
  • Advanced camera angles
  • fun game modes

  • licensing issues some countries and players

Total Downloads: 2

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