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PES 2012

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Product Konami
Operating SystemsWindows XP / 7 / 8 / Vista
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the biggest change you will encounter the first of downloaders PES 2012, players of the referee’s artificial intelligence to be developed in a wonderful way. The company Konami, the game’s artificial intelligence, claims to be the best in the history of football games. Other games are too far from this level not too much and you get too close to benevolent.

as long as the ball is in play, the player closest to the ball thanks to the artificial intelligence of all players, the referee trio will take part in the game and also removed from the logic of the machine is now more and insanlastirili. This thin cannot be decided by a controversial offside in the position and shows that one hundred percent correct. PES games that had to be done much earlier.

in the game rust by increasing the number of organizations, innovations brought to cake Dec. Thanks to key combinations, you’ll be able to control the players you are going to pass the ball. In this game, two players simultaneously control option emerges for the first time in a football game.

amazing details about the player in PES 2011 and PES 2012 game is enhanced by physical movements close to the awesome image was obtained. Players can also match to match is subject to performance variations according to the movement. If so, the player can outrun a lot in a short time if physical force can be suddenly reduced, and can increase as the rest. A footballer who makes many goals in the match error missing or rust, can be regressed from a moral perspective. Previous Pro Evolution Soccer before the player during the match somehow match the mood of the series, too. Morale in the game in the PES series for the first time commit the changes. This is also a good innovation in terms of it’s players.

it is not only about the players and the development. There is an increase in the number of movements that players can do. This means we get to watch the artistic more characteristic shrubs and lakes. Quaresma trivela, Besiktas PES 2011 the players I hit with and they might have come in the middle of the opposite foot. PES 2012 soccer players here in the game and so their movements are their own.

the details of the stadium in the game and the number has also increased. The weather effects also could be felt in the game better optimized. In rainy weather and snowy weather will also shift more of the ball now more players will slip. Though by installing the patch files in the game, the stadium, graphics, uniforms, you can make changes on issues such as player attributes.

The best quality games in terms of graphics PES 2012, which will stone. By editing the images in almost every detail of the game, the graphics quality is improved. Images Xbox how Xbox players’s claim that TA is better than even though you won’t find any error in the image on the computer. When we look at the PS3’s image, played with a good video card and the computer we see that there is not much difference between them.

game modes in PES 2012

training mode ( training ) : will have more impact on the game completely changed and the training mode as a mode that emerges. In this mode, the radical steps taken, joystick, and keyboard combinations designed to promote with the analysis made use of a mod that keeps score. For example, if you are doing a workout in the game the dairy, the milk and the figures appear in the castle, depending on where you are sending the points you get. Pes PES 2011 free kick and throwing the biggest issue for players, especially starting with a penalty in the shoot-a tutorial guide used in training mode. Also in the game from the line against the middle, taking the middle position, space, movement, space, defense, as well as separate training departments. So, players should go to training mode in PES this year not necessarily.

Club Boss mode ( boss club ) : Club first caught our eye in the boss mode feature, provide a full realism with gameplay videos. When you select this mode immediately starts a video for the club and the lady starts to talk to you as an authorised. Then you have to move to the beginning of the club by signing a contract. In both managers as well as material from the club you are responsible. So, a club president and Technical Director at the club is responsible for what you if you are responsible for them completely. With realistic images supported in this mode transfers, sponsorship deals, soccer practice, game tactics, players, morale issues, such as it’s completely in our hands. Don’t play games as in classic management games you’re watching. That holds the head to the best management games but this mod thanks to another Manager you may not want to play the game.

mode: master League ( master League ) : understanding that we’re used to from previous PES versions of the same master League continues, but the video made several improvements and more game by adding more realism to the atmosphere of the game joined. Again, select this mode and the settings of the game after entering a video opens and immediately sit at the same table with the President of the club and talking to I find the details of the contract. By signing then you have to move to the beginning of the club. In this mode, you may have been an agent, but the most fundamental property that distinguishes the Club Boss mode, master League’if you want you can play the game yourself. In this mode, and development of critical training and tactics of the match, while it’s nice to have dialogues with your assistant coach is backed with a novelty video effects.

be a legend mode ( become a legend ) : as the most played mode in PES games caught our eye, what we have witnessed in his career and a real professional football player BAL mode PES 2012’comes with various improvements. Again, in this mode we can create realism by adding video enhancements provided within the framework of your career. Autograph signing an agreement with your agent again after you enter a video and transfer to your media are being released. The slow development of PES 2011 and miss the features of your player, if you win in this game and if so how solved with the logic of the hard-working many of the characteristics of the development of the players ensured. The performance in the match and your efforts, your efforts in the sparring match, accurate passing and playing ball your Rates are directly linked to your development.

PES 2012 System Requirements
operating system : Windows XP / 7 / 8 / Vista
processor : 2.0 GHz Core Duo
Ram : 2 GB
Harddisk Space : 20 GB
video card : GeForce GT 360
DirectX : 10

  • gorgeous graphics
  • Amazing game modes
  • addictive gameplay
  • Very enjoyable Two-Player gameplay

  • available without a license teams
  • not popular compared to some of the soccer players

Total Downloads: 1

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