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are you ready for a feast of football?

The universe is About 13.5 billion years ago “Big Bang” is called with an event that occurred. Then, about 4.8 billion years ago our world began to form. Decades turned into centuries, mankind and stone, Whittle, chip proceeded to carving up. Numeric processors and graphical interfaces have been developed. Then the technology has progressed so much that only human is not limited to meeting the needs, but meet the entertainment needs began. Began developing computer games with the age of computers and numeric processing. This is a very long process at the end of football games in the game world only began to appear on behalf of a single company for many years, alone. EA Games FIFA football games for PC called the game at this company was the only option. Whether she likes it or not, they had to buy and play the FIFA game lovers. The people from the labor process millions of years to be connected to only a single firm, it was contrary to human nature from every angle. But when the game world was a bombshell in October 2001 shows calendars. KONAMI released a game called Pro Evolution Soccer debuted with. Fed up with the tyranny of FIFA’s monopoly inevitably they wanted to try out for Pro Evolution Soccer game lovers. The mind of game lovers as a result of this experiment almost turned into a seza Aksu the songs “I was detained…” give it up, love the prisoner who left the game seriously. This PES football lovers say where he’s been so far,” found in the days of talking to a guy for years.

The graphics of the game Need logic and you need to give up who are very successful in terms of controls, FIFA in a very short time the seat shook. Even to present their love and respect Konami for FIFA lovers raise a commotion until I need to give up because EA Games, the FIFA games do not have to care about a change makyajlayip makyajlayip stepped in front of the game lovers. After emergence, in advance PES, FIFA understands the need to straighten himself out to fight with the most drastic changes he did.

and years and years have passed. Of course, Konami did not produce absolute wonders, but most were moving towards perfection by following the developing technology. Konami’s PES to a disciplined work then that 4% is revealed. Since it came on the market, that the attention of game lovers, PES 4 PES series the best football game of all time it already deserved the title of being perhaps.

The first dropdown menu in PES 4 distinguish itself feels it. OK, a very clean and elegant face Dec “press any button” is taking us caption – of course, it would be Rosewood for many years we didn’t know our language, these words – then after offering us a variety of game modes, we’ll really start the game after selecting the game and our team. A great atmosphere and a great graphics-sound quality is also waiting for us. More began to make itself felt that the quality of football referee whistle play through what he’s answering our questions about the summit why you deserve to advance. The game also features realistic football logic fills the eye. From left to right and cross the ball off the opponent’s fake tactics, such as throwing many football available. Everything from attacks on defense also designed with a very realistic logic. The game has several different camera angles you can play with. Also you can control the whole team to play a personal game of your choice as a player as a footballer you know. New players at the game of the previous match, if he can make you feel fatigue if you’re playing a League or a Cup match-

This is a quite enjoyable game that adds realism to the events. Except him, Dec passes in this game very very effective. It is not easy to get the ball from opponents, passing as the opponent is not so easy. Why were these severlerce understood how serious soccer skills wants a football game. Also it’s not so easy to take free kicks milk delivery to the castle. The style of the player, The distance and the angle you have to account in the best way. It comes to a fight in the game is quite contentious. Apart from that the game’s graphics and sounds pretty good, pretty good. Even the announcer, thanks to a real match you can feel it in yourself.

that can be recommended strongly to football fans, especially those who love the game very high quality game. Definitely try pursuit. Enjoyable games.

Total Downloads: 8

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