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PES 6 Legend (2007)

because, really, what we call legend and graphics of PES in the entire world in one of the games best football both in terms of the development. The reason I have a visa to go to college at the end of 2006 out of high school, we can say that why even get into a college. The year out incredibly avant-garde it’s a game. To give up a PlayStation game after that became known. Like a game console just for one game he moved to the perception of the players coming out.

criticizing the graphics of games now PES 6 2006, computers or game consoles without making a criticism of the players never locking, we can say that.
content and graphics seemed very primitive right now as our eyes, and over 9 years have passed, although right now we now we can play a game. The first game that confronts us when we open the stadium with the features and options to choose the arbitrator, now I can say that is a game that looks even better. Fireworks meets us when the game first started and the match begins.


Camera settings now near the level it could seem very strange to us. That time fifa Konami’s very dan that he was taking the game to compete are affected and we can say a lot. Of course time Fifa’s now the pain of never happen we didn’t expect to Pesci. He again displays the ability to control the repetition of what is in the lake, he wasn’t.

The interface can be called good but at a level that formed from the green painted on a flat surface like turf. PES 2014’s until e player names on the heads of the players wrote. 2014 including 3 as the default version, the players are more polite isaretcik we see. Turkish Turkcell Super League teams in the game in 2006, it is a privilege to default users.

give up’s Turkish Super League teams, we have to see the 2016 version. PES 6 also the ball is very heavy. Maybe the characters that are close the camera make it look bigger with a single shot of a pitch and the ball carries far-field measurements consistency cannot be sent. Stone, such as the ball, so to speak, and were hard to control. The reflected shadows of the stadium lights added to increase the realism of the game was obvious. However, we know are pretty tired of shading the game engine.

of course, every with the games Pro Evolution Soccer in this game, as a part of the preparation of movements that teaches you the game and you have to go through the stages of short little preparation.

of course, the online experience still again on this version of PES is it possible to play offer with broadband internet or servers we don’t know if they’re keeping.
in short, one of the legendary games of the period. Through shining eyes after all these years when we say it is possible to see revived memories of PES 6. Ah ah where is that venerable old set up on your computer and you can still play the games that made the game you can revive your memories.
We would like to wish a good game…

PES 6 System Requirements
operating system : Microsoft Windows 98SE/ME/2000/XP
processor : Intel Pentium III 800MHZ (Athlon/Duron/Celeron)
Ram : 256 MB
Harddisk Space : 1.5 GB
video card : 4x DVD-ROM NVIDIA GeForce 3 or ATI Radeon 8500 graphics card
DirectX : 8.1

  • most improved version of the PES from the old version you could just call
  • online mode supported up to 8 people

  • made few changes in the master League mode

Total Downloads: 53

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