Pioneering: Explore the early American West

Pioneering: Explore the early American West

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Pioneering: Explore the early American West, of adventure and role-playing simulation game with elements adorned.

Explore the first adventure of the series with the early Pioneering of the American West a young man who tries to be a leader in the game you’re playing. Life simulation game that occurred in the Old West of America’s re-creation is witnessing. The borders began to develop a new demarcation of the border with the Civil War and you must testify.

Your task in the game you are playing and the course of history are presented in accordance with historical realities. Marriage in the game, take the earth and you will live in until the war and these old American Wild West as you will be given your tasks. A huge world to explore and many enemies to cope. Parallel with the task of working to achieve the goals in the game in real life. To have a better future and your family live a better life through the eyes of a person who is you play.

The graphics of the game stays a little low compared to the other games that emerged in 2009. Like the sounds and graphics isn’t much above average. Very good story, I’ll focus on the visuals, but those who say it doesn’t matter to me and not to get pleasure from the game.

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