Pirates of the Caribbean At World’s End

Pirates of the Caribbean At World’s End

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“the compass doesn’t point North, but we also we’re not looking for the north.”

The Year 2007, Genre; Action and adventure. By implementing more of a cliche Disney interactive Studios Video Games adapted to the big screen from the movie Pirates of the Caribbean. The producer of the game, eurocom entertainment. In the first place the Xbox actually games designed for the PC and ps for later re-port. Also the game able to play on the Nintendo Wii.

so the Entertainment Software rating board ESRB, (the control and limitation of the game age of America and Kannada is a company which is) the age limit of the game is +16 as identified. As can be understood, the game appeals to adults.

Smuggling, piracy, treasure hunting and mystery the principle of the game that holds the items “everyone put to the sword.”

the exotic world of the game about pirates traitor and a murderer, is made in parallel to the film in general. Many of the ruthless pirates cursed creatures in the game we see it as our foe the item. Of course, we also had a pirates. A sympathetic and charismatic pirate Jack Sparrow. It is a fact that we are the smartest and most talented pirate. At least for a film like this. This determines our ability to do for the game. Many characters from the film, too we’ll find in the game are based on weighted movements acrobatics in conjunction with the sword struggling.”

twelve main sections which consists of a few chapters there is a section that will push us outside of the game. Also, we are faced with the side quests in the game. Of course, these sub-tasks, we are not obliged to do all of that, but our development of our skills to accomplish these tasks for us in terms of points collection and is very useful. Within each of these side missions; beat at least 10 enemies and save prisoners, 850 gold, and the tasks are simple such as sum can be considered just as good.

it is not empty the objects in the game. The barrels, vases and crates abundant in objects such as gold. It’s not just gold, objects that we can use in the next chapters.

in the melee of knives and swords in the game based on the war established what our business will benefit the most combo moves. We’re going into hostile groups, especially in the fight with the crowd are getting forced to perform combo moves you could say. Although the game is based on sword and knife fighting, such as punching and kicking enabled to use our physical weapons. We also have a primitive gun powder. Although the range is not very high shots allows you to do quite fun. Of course, it takes a little time to fill out much from the crowd that we don’t get the chance to use in close combat.

At World’s End, is played with a third person camera angle. So, you can think of it sort of like Tomb Raider. The depth of the camera angle and the image looks quite good. A good graphics performance. Our eye mounted display so far we did not encounter errors. This artificial intelligence has the effect of being the best. Designed the controls are just as simple and successful. Our character the voice of Johnny Depp in full captain Jack Sparrow person, we feel like ourselves for what we did to my brother. A second auxiliary we’ve got a character with us. It’s safe to say that you touched to help us in the game. Practical migration that have the most desperate moments between the characters also feature in our distress to grow. Another sweet thing the autosave feature of the game. Automatic registration in the game at certain points and, therefore, stop at the most exciting part of the game I’ll take the trouble of recording and we aren’t. Fluency in this game.

the skull that has been placed in the game to capture a mood when we collect a certain number (100 pieces), we are able to get away from our body the soul of his helpless foe. This also brings us a lot more additional points.

Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s end, us graphics, artificial intelligence, in terms of sound and playability quite enjoyed it. Especially with a character such as Captain Jack Sparrow rare to find a chance to play quite enjoyable. Enjoyable games.

“captain Jack Sparrow’s as the day you almost caught u in the moment!”

Pirates of the Caribbean At World’s End what are the system requirements?

processor: P4 1.4 GHz

RAM: 256 MB short term memory

video card: 64 MB 3D card supported

free space: –

The system: XP


  • Fun combat system
  • movie-related sections
  • very good level design

  • Max. Screen Resolution 1024*768
  • a quick push of the button portions are quite hard

Total Downloads: 2

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