Plants Vs. Zombies

Plants Vs. Zombies

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Product PopCap Studios
Operating SystemsWindows XP / 7 / 8
Date4 months on
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Zombies are trying to unite and take over the world. In a game of Plants vs. Zombies from the zombies attacking your plants and your garden and it’s in your hands. This is funny and the zombies are a little different creatures. So, the game is not a horror comedy they are adding.

the zombies Your goal is to prevent them from reaching your house. One of the most creative of the company PopCap games, plants, etc. Zombies game, worldwide unexpectedly became popular. Your plants Defense strategies that you create is also very important. The manipulation of a structure constructed really well. As we passed sections of the game even more enjoyable to make sounds, but the zombies are getting stronger as she went on too. But fear not, plants as partitions is a little different and more powerful went on at the plants is coming. The game is played with the mouse, and fun graphics, funny from time to time, giving hours of fun to the players with exciting music from time to time.

developed by PopCap studios and EA Games released by Game 2 Version total. The second game named Plants vs Zombies 2 on all platforms and almost of them is free. But the game purchasing properties carries. Between them, special plants, retrofits and maps, including a key that opens. But you can lower the leading of the sections by cutting sections in the boss maps. This is a bit difficult but it is not impossible. I personally I managed to lower the key of the whole map. Without reinforcement in no way paid for.

a game Castle Defense style game. What does this mean? Immediately explain. Saldirici in the game, not the defensive position you are in. Different zombies have different properties that the people who attacked you. Some of them, Olympian, so obstacles that can jump the pole, who shot some of the zombies from the zombie some a lot of very fast runners, some people also a lot of new zombies vs. Zombies Defense are added continuously to the list. You need to be quick to deal with those zombies. To the frames by placing the plants in a balanced way, you must make your defense impenetrable as aggressive as possible. The arrival of the zombies putting rocks in their way, slow them down, you can trap them by putting mines. The most important thing in the game of note to be able to do so is sunlight. SUNFLOWERS producing sunlight behind your defensive line so most of the plant. You can harvest the sunlight in a secure manner until the end of this section. Without sunlight, plants cannot make your argument stronger and new.

thanks to Simple playing style, young and old and the admiration of everyone winning game that requires quick thinking and quick action helps us win some skills. These can be especially useful for elementary school children. Game now for both phones and tablets, can be played on both Playstation and PC. On top of this game and download an application to move into the top ranks to break sales records centers has always been a big influence. Once you get into the game, for a long time, chapter, chapter, time you jump and how quickly you will understand that as the water is passing me by. Playing this game your children so you escort them at the beginning.

Plants vs.. Zombies game downloaders

20 New will be able to play different sections.
will be able to create your own zombie.
new features will be able to see the portion of achievement for winning.

vs. plants. Zombies System Requirements
operating system : Windows XP / 7 / 8
processor : 1.2 GHz
Ram : 512 MB
Harddisk Space : 65 MB
video card : with 128 MB VRAM, NVIDIA GeForce3 / Radeon 8500
DirectX : 8.0

  • diversity, such as different sections of the same section can play.
  • pretty much the variety of plants and zombies
  • Standard lines of Defense in the style of Tower Defense that has been constructed successfully
  • addictive gameplay
  • a lot of extra features and improvements

  • you can play all of your sleep time 🙂

Total Downloads: 2

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