Police Supercars Racing

Police Supercars Racing

LicenseFree 0 GBP
File Size64.6 MB
Product GameStop
Operating SystemsWindows XP/Vista/7
Date3 months on
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select your super car and start to assist the police in the fight against crime. The city of the future Sun City’s rising crime rates in the city began to take off from being a livable place. Cut off the roads by criminal gangs, hackers and the tools it breaks and traffic system of the city. A special police unit is being established against this crime and have the tools that super battle begins with this gang.

they want to present you as the General of the game;

  • real action
  • Car wars
  • modern 3D graphics
  • unusual and addictive gameplay
  • Unique boosters
  • Flashy effects Big Bang
  • original soundtrack and sound effects
Police Supercars Racing System Requirements
operating system : Windows XP/Vista/7
processor : Pentium 4 1.8 GHz
Ram : 512 MB
Harddisk Space : 100 MB
video card : 64 MB
DirectX : 9.0

  • a good script
  • fast-paced and exciting gameplay
  • nice cars

  • insufficient Graphics
  • could be more level

Total Downloads: 0

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