Ragdoll Masters

Ragdoll Masters

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Product Ragdoll Software
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various materials and using a variety of weapons, Ragdoll called inanimate objects it’s a little game the way you want you’re beating. You will fight the game in a progressive style. By performing various special moves can take advantage of your enemies. Despite being a 2D game with physics elements is a complex game that attracts attention. Martial arts movements from martial contained in the game by selecting the game transferred to aesthetic strokes you can do.

meetings with your enemies are defeated more powerful enemies as you are moving through. Both more powerful and more numerous enemies you have to fight against. Shaking movements for playing the game entirely with the mouse in the first place to hit and your opponent can be hard to understand, but as you get used to the controls and the physics of the game playing movements more comfortable and then the real fun of the game, you’ll be able to will begin to. The most enjoyable aspect of the game you can do combos. Dec shot to break your record before you should proceed with your own combo.

Total Downloads: 2
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