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there are three different backgrounds in this free MMORPG and characteristics with race; Gaia, Deva and Asura.

briefly tell the story of rappelz: three different races lived a peaceful life on the continent of Gaia. Devali and the Assyrians are descended from the gods of this world the servants who were sent for development. Gaiali it was a part of this nature since the creation. The day came a young girl with special powers as a seer gaiali between rose and challenged the gods.This voice broke and with it the rise of the unexpected and have the peace of mind that the war has led to the emergence of the dark forces. Since this period, as the years passed, the witch was the victim, but the effect and the relentless struggle continues. You will be greeted with unexpected legendary heroes and monsters in your path.

a fantastic world which is covered with black clouds in rappelz, each player has their own game will find the class that suits your taste. It’s free! In between every classic MMORPG class 25, as the creator of damage, the tank capacity of the area and remedial classes there. Of course, the most interesting domesticated creatures in the world of rappelz classes because of the wealth that brought the group convenor: to the tune of the soul, the spirit of the Lord of spirits and nature.

the Deva race, the Defense is designed for players who want to be strong for the blessing and healing that is an open race. Deva can defend a holy Knight of light as the representatives of a race and create a character, as a priest healer and your own group may be the team as Bell’s kutsayici the pole, the instructor, as the creatures of the earth that you can download. Members of this warrior abilities to the fore, Gaia, water, earth, wind and fire belong to the class that can use all the capabilities. By doing critical hits with special concentration ability, can provide an unexpected advantage against their enemies with strokes. Asura-representing the darkness of the race in the scorching fire and wind-driven capabilities stands out. This race, which is less hurt and defensive ability, great which can damage the assassin, a black magician, and with the warriors as a player who can control the creatures surrounding talented but fragile Soul.

after that, is at the discretion of MMORPG fans. Select the race you want and you’re welcome to join you on this adventure.

The World of rappelz is full of great visual feast with the beast system

In 2010, the most detailed level game magazine free game this fantastic creature has been chosen as the game with the system. Rappelz creature with you all around the continent, the witch and the fanatics fight against. At each point of the continent you can be sure that a new adventure is waiting for you.

when you begin adventure, every apprentice and you will find yourself as in your first step of rookies that belongs to your race on the island a guide will accompany you. Thanks to information from this guide, you will follow the chain of a task. If your trainer Via the route that will draw you and gildas of the world of rappelz from lanselot be surprised that it has to offer many interesting adventures and explore the secrets of the continent of Gaia, you’ll be ready to sail on. The online game will be one of the most enjoyable choice for those who want to download.

every adventurous you are in need of a companion, the convenor of the rookies on this topic located on the island of grud to give valuable advice. There is a creature in the game who can tame more than 25, and the characteristics of every creature and the rarity of a separate dimension. Find the most appropriate for your class and make him a companion creature adventure will be lifted when the burden of doubt.

Dungeons, game events, and a great adventure with enjoyable tasks from one

This free MMORPG you will spend hours with your closest friends which you discover insatiable contains dungeons at different levels. Epic 7 last higher level dungeons for players who love to play anymore with the update stored containing creatures added. Rappelz dungeon wars weekends has to offer, which is one of the excitement takes place. Dungeon Siege clans from Monday until Thursday in a race against time in order to be eligible, the owners of the clan that performs the best time dungeon challenges.

if you like to fight as a group if it is possible to find the custom fields that you can farm on the lands of Rappelz. That is completely free in the game, your character can try to drop creatures in things necessary for this area. You know you are all happy to drop a valuable item. Also you can get the tasks that are completed with the necessary items for your character. Quests in the game RPG in the spirit of joy, will help you are having a insatiable time and really have fun.

arkadaslariniz to be together, your clan can build and conquer dungeons.

the unity of the MMORPG games which is one of the indispensable features system, of course, which is one of the best of 2011 is available in the rappelz MMORPG. Clan is called, thanks to this system, can be achieved unity between the players.

the Weekly dungeon groups, clans and other clans join in the activities they are fighting against. For example, the Battle of the clans who are successful in a weekly dungeon, dungeon manages clan fighting. So the dungeon the other party as to the effectiveness of the winner –1 week– that dungeon is getting into the hands of the managing authority. Team play and strategies comes into play here.


a graphic image of the structure complete and the game rappelz is a great MMORPG. Dungeon battles outside of the arena of death, or you can enjoy PvP in the arenas in the cities. Also by switching to PK mode outside of the cities that you want, you can challenge the player. However, you need to remember that the morality of PK is connected to the system.

rappelz has to offer those who want the power more than enough to be ready to try a few products that we recommend to include in your bag.

village of the stored Passport
at all times your passport and the entrance to this mysterious village gives you the opportunity to…
stored in the village it is possible to find very special products and mounts at very reasonable rates. High level weapons and armor, all tasks Lak attractive swap rates and unique!
even when you’re not connected to the game Also make two times your energy regeneration. The village is also stored on the card, you’ll benefit from kutsamaci mados.

the energy tasarrufcu
Energy is restored and prevents the loss of energy for an hour, thus helps you save the maximum amount of experience.

Toast Oats
Toast 1 hour gain experience for your creature to 50% increase

holy water would swell up
die in a place allows you to rise, and also the lost experience with HP-MP’s all you want to restore.

MMORPG game rappelz the new update and plugins already ready to be one of the most ambitious of 2011. How about your time to join in on this adventure, isn’t it ?

System Requirements for Rappelz
operating system : Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8
processor : Pentium-IV 3GHz
Ram : 1 GB
Harddisk Space : 512 MB
video card : GeForce 8600 GT / Radeon X800 GT
DirectX : 9

  • Super pet system
  • large class options
  • feature Dungeon Siege
  • Deep tutorial section

  • Bugs
  • limited graphics options
  • game physics are outdated

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