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“the heart of the robot…”

designed and developed by naked sky entertainment roboblitz was a puzzle – action game. While delivering the game as the game engine Unreal Engine 3 Microsoft Game Studios definitely like the monster in a game. The game currently only works on Microsoft Windows and Xbox 360 platforms. The release of the game on 7 November 2006. Single player only single player so the game will be played. Game OXM report-in advance let’s say – 10 out of 8.5/10. So, interesting note of the game received a pretty solid field he had managed to attract attention with the subject.

basically we’re reenacting the life of a robot in the game. It may seem this sounds like an interesting idea, but we all already people who are curious about what it’s like to be a robot. Also we have a sympathy mixed with fear against robots. With a game like RoboBlitz and we have learned what it is like to be a robot. Actually RoboBlitz Naked Sky Entertainment’s a long-term project is quite ambitious as well. The blitz of a robot by the name of the game protection against pirates the subject of world space consists of 19 large and small parts.

we hear about Unreal Engine 3 game engine and game Which a derivative is being used, we immediately expect from the game is rising. So, a game Unreal Engine is used automatically if the game is very robust that we get the idea. Fortunately, RoboBlitz, this did not break our expectations of, and quite creative in a good way the idea to go to waste by processing are prevented. Also the game’s Metacritic User Rating is already 8.2/10. So the game is very popular. We can say us that I really like.

RoboBlitz us very much, you’re greeted with a lovely interface. Already quite cute itself is a robot. After making a few tweaks, we can begin the game. The loading part it works pretty fast and leaves us waiting. Meets us a little intro after starting the game. Then an object is given us, and we expected to move to a specific point. This first section of the game to warm up and to enable us to grasp the controls of the game developed for the sections. Already feel that we don’t have a lot of time to play these parts. Then, we work to fulfill our principal duties. 19 chapter waiting to be finished already and dozens, large and small, we have a duty.

RoboBlitz’as if from third person perspective we are able to play fps if I wished. The transition between the cameras are also quite practical. Three-dimensional graphics and beautiful, which has RoboBlitz is a game that is also designed to interact with the environment. So if you can break glass, destroy stuff, and you are able to control various mechanical tools.

Blitz named the adventure of the robot what we have witnessed in the game has pretty good graphics. The charts on the basis of Unreal Engine 3 already slept like a lion, we know that. Naturally, you expect the graphics to be bad. The design of animations and atmosphere is also quite good. The effects of burning in the atmosphere can make you feel you’re a robot and you are quite successful in the world. Most of the game is the directional keys OR A, S, D, W and mouse we’re playing with combinations. It’s very practical and very easy to get used to the controls. The game also features sound and music design is also very successful. A robot wanting to witness to the world and to all gamers who want to step into a different atmosphere RoboBlitz’I strongly recommend. Enjoyable games.


  • a good mix of action and adventure
  • really pleasant sounds and visuals

  • some physics and control issues.
  • does not have a multiplayer option

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