SBK: Superbike World Championship 09

SBK: Superbike World Championship 09

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speed, engine and track!

The speed, the adrenaline, and you’re going to the taste of the runway. The sound of the engine being drawn into the game, you’ll enjoy the high speeds. Here’s a nice game GUP – a new dilemma discovered “GUP beautiful”-

SBK 09: Superbike World Championship, as you can see from its name, it has been released in 2009 (May 2009) a motorcycle racing game. Single and multi-player support, SBK 09 milestone, the company is carrying up a game called fun at your fingertips. With the deployment of the game was undertaken by black bean games. In fact, the distribution of the game, we can say that is made by encoding in a more successful way. On that count, as we don’t want a bias to assume the game is bad, only that we wanted a very successful means of distribution. Black bean Games have a distribution network serious pretty fast. Apart from that, the game PS2, PS3 and Xbox 360 you can play on. No limitation of the age of the game(anyone over the age of 3 can play). So it’s nothing like blood in the game when it hits on the screen. Not in a good way.

The game is 1900×1200 like you can play at a higher resolution. A cinematic first meets you when you open the game. Watching a video of the pilots can be found in the famous motorcycle you can come by the gas. Then on to the checkered flag by pressing Enter you can reach the main menu of the game after a short loading. At first, you are offered a career Calendar. Here you can see your training and racing days. After you create your character, you can proceed slowly towards the part of the race. Also when creating your character you need to see your pilot sportscasters posing with the motorcycle pictures. If you wish you can watch the girls in the back. Anyway, at least we continue saying Let’s not do this in the game. Each character has a unique engine we have, but in the future with the cash flow you can change the engine. It would be nice to have a few engine in your garage already. After making all selections and settings, you are ready to race now. As the race begins to greet the audience made an entry animation. You will have a good partner who holds your umbrella with you. The engine recognized the opportunity to make big movements like straight sahlandirma like to use.

with the option to replay the race again after finishing the race you can watch. You can watch your race from different angles like it was a television fiction. Increasing the value of money practice you start the game with Championship continues with races.

if we are to say our first impression, the game in terms of graphics and sound it is very successful. Skins the skins separate in space separate track and the motor is good. The guys worked hard and they gave quite a good job. We will address sound in terms of the motor in rpm if I have to play high to hear the voices again. You take the thing that connects to the game and actually sounds.

SBK 09 both in terms of graphics and sound as it is so successful in terms of the controls. Sees your work, we can say that almost all of the direction keys. It can be more fun to play with Gamepad. SBK 09 racing fans definitely should not miss, which is a game I strongly recommend.

enjoyable games.


  • realistic tracks and tools
  • Wide driving options
  • ideal for beginners

  • the atmosphere is very lifeless

Total Downloads: 1

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