Silent Hill 3

Silent Hill 3

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Product Konami
Operating SystemsWindows Xp / Vista / 7
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The Silent Hill games have one thing in common, and that whole pass in the same town all of the Silent Hill series. The town of Silent Hill is an outdoor venue has an atmosphere of horror and the nightmares full. The game scenario, we recommend to play the first game before playing Silent Hill 3. Mason in the first game, how he was waking up in an unfamiliar place, and with her he sees that Misty is not in the atmosphere. Here is 3. games named this game our hero is the subject of Heather, not knowing where he is or how he got here and processed in the lakeside amusement park the game starts with awakening. Heather foggy, but the atmosphere of the game’s Mall and its surroundings out from Silent Hill’s e-way is coming. Heather after starting the game, the creatures are forced to meet and the action begins.

Silent Hill the event’is becoming a puzzle and when you get an e karisiklasmay. The first play of the game characters, Harry, Cheryl, Dahlia and Alessa open your mouth when you see characters like, 1. do you think it came to the time of the play. But everything in the game progress in a fuzzy logic framework, what is it exactly that you do not to understand that it’s designed for. The taste of the exciting atmosphere of the game and the story in order not to miss, we won’t give you more information about the scenario and characters. Thus, the game play and you can solve yourself by scrolling.

when the first Silent Hill game came out, the market had attracted immediate attention as one of the most challenging games. Playing Silent Hill 3 but they will see that, in fact, the first game was pretty much simple. Well, at least according to Silent Hill 3. Focused on solving puzzlelar yourself swept away into the story, while countless creatures at a time, the game constantly is keeping you alive. Up and became more strange creatures can become tedious and sometimes does not. Even the easiest mode in the easiest creature in the game killed 5-6 before I put a bullet gun hand happens. We can speculate here about the difficulty of the game. I wish the game the only factor that makes it difficult though. I’ve been too you must solve the puzzles in the game, restricted weapons, ammo and health packs main factors that make the game quite difficult.

there are good weapons in the game Silent Hill. Rate your favourite Serial with Day Submachine weapon. You can use as Armor, but that could have been added at some point cause you to slow down vests can come as a blessing. Konami, the company that runs the logic of the game try to kill every creature you meet is not new to the plant, sparingly using the ones in your hand, run as much as you can avoid. The most badass creature in order to escape from the dogs pieces of meat will be in your hand this time, and that you will be able to distract them with pieces of meat. Creatures in close contact with them by using a temporary shock stun gun and disarm it.

in a detailed way the characters in the game are pretty prepared. The main character, Heather always brings up the past and trying to figure out a way of quality queries. Douglas detective and a character who is bad or good is quite confusing. Claudia and Dahlia in the first game that takes the place of the character Vincent in the game that you will try very hard to solve the mystery of the basic characters. In short, it loads again fear enough, a moment ago, also when you say the game is over and done, I wonder wondering how to play a game will end is revealed.Especially love to play games such as Resident Evil and Left 4 Dead, Silent Hill, we recommend those that play.

Silent Hill 3 System Requirements
operating system : Windows XP / Vista / 7
processor : Intel Pentium III and above
Ram : 1 GB
Harddisk Space : 1.2 GB
video card : NVIDIA GeForce 256 DDR Mb
DirectX : 8

  • jittery psychologically Really quite a game
  • Improved combat
  • very compatible with the story Cinematics

  • the mechanics of the game are still the same
  • s very hard puzzle
  • this game is available in some camera angle problems

Total Downloads: 3

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