Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow

Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow

LicenseTrial version 0 GBP
File Size119 MB
Product Ubisoft
Operating SystemsWindows XP / 7 / 8
Date4 months on
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Splinter Cell Splinter Cell Pandora tomorrow 2004 Ubisoft’s popular game company that was issued in the second game of the series. We can say that Splinter Cell was born with the legend of this game. Because it is a very high quality game to continue the games in the series has promised. You can find our site by searching for other Splinter Cell series. Now let’s talk a little but we this version.

if you want to download a random game and the game down if you have been hesitant about finding, Spy games, we recommend you to download the game as this super team. Charismatic, with the ability to action and our Spy Sam Fisher is taking the lead in the game again. Splinter Cell Pandora Tomorrow game with many challenging special tasks that require skill and you will be facing.

This version of the game, Sam Fisher’by adding a new equipment and new combinations of moves, both enemies made it more quiet and more deadly to get caught. The other feature that come with this version on the computer that has an Internet connection to be able to play multiplayer online.

The first thing in the game as in the first game of the series The Secret how to perform essential tasks as you can. The name on this is a spy game. So, almost every step in this game, you have to fucking pay attention to your ammo. The smallest details can lead to even mission failure. Important privacy perform flawlessly with the given tasks. But fear not, this night vision monocular in order to protect your privacy and shadows, including the many equipment you’ll. The game is designed in a perfect manner in this aspect of it would be quite wrong to say that. You kept most of your side vision goggles and thermal cameras Spy equipment that will be useful and protect your privacy.

Splinter Cell Pandora tomorrow game if we look at the scenario of almost a terrorist leader who persecute people like that in movies and games most military Agent trying to catch. With the task of spying in this game is Sam Fisher’s a given. In possession of this terrorist leader tries to spread the virus in places such as Israel and Paris. Of course, we also we have our main task to save the world and to prevent the spread of this virus.

Splinter Cell Pandora Tomorrow PC Minimum System Requirements:

Processor : Intel P3 800 MHz.
RAM Memory: 512 MB RAM
video card: 64mb 3D video card
free space: 872 MB
System: Windows XP/98/2000/Vista


  • innovative gameplay
  • nice set tasks

  • some enemies don’t have artificial intelligence

Total Downloads: 2

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