Stay Dead

Stay Dead

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File Size299 MB
Product Bruce movies
Operating SystemsWindows XP
Date4 months on
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actually Bruce is a company that attracts the movie fight clips and movies, but this time we face before they went to a game we’ve seen so much. We, too that we are not accustomed in the game the hero that you manage completely real flesh-and-blood person animated by. Previously, in the style of adventure we see “motion picture game” the gameplay shape ( the flowing film you progress based on your choices ) a fighting game with a creative idea, too mirrored. The game is completely correctly and making the right decisions, do the timings, your opponent caning, SAMAR as you play the game so basically you have to eat different types of a fighting game that you will get used to it.

dismounted close combat game, stay dead game is the game of the same name by the company in 2013. Such as Street Fighter, Tekken, Mortal Kombat style fighting games such as is manufactured for those who love and looking for a new game. In the same film as a lead actor with the character in the game we are entering into our scenario. In this scenario, you you’re going to enjoy, fight and a battle will take place. You will fight against fighters trained by expert martial artists like you.

other fighting games mentioned, like the competitor to beat by doing a series of combat moves, and combo Your goal and you will try to win the right to moving on to another section. So while you should be bold in doing this you must be careful. Move and the opponent should block damage to defend you in the right place. Just like in real life once because when they fall, do not allow your opponent to stand up again. You tried to throw a punch or kick your opponent at the moment, can catch you off guard him suddenly by removing a counter. Otherwise you hit her with you when you go over the top of your opponent without Defense, you understand and going into Defense mode. Your opponent punches or kicks that hit you does not hit him in defense mode. You shouldn’t be so hasty. This is already in almost every Kung-Fu movie is a teaching that confront you.

the background images in the area you are fighting in the game and the effects are very realistic and you almost felt like in a real fight. Only the strongest fighters can survive in the game that you come to the last part of your life even if you may have a chance to win. Low system specifications the game requires. Easily playable on any computer with a 256 MB video card and 1 GB of RAM. The game also can be played without PlayStation for PC. Personally, I recommend you to play the game in ps. Combo and because it will be easier for you to do Serial strokes. Gang and mafia games games more realistic, which is the only shortcoming in this game compared to a fighting game and being able to walk freely on the map you can fight with who ever you want whenever you want. You have to fight with the competitors resulting in just accordance with the scenario.

stay dead System Requirements
operating system : Windows XP
processor : Pentium 4 1.8 GHz / Athlon XP 1700+
Ram : 1 GB
Harddisk Space : 500 MB
video card : GeForce 210 / Radeon X600 series
DirectX : 9

  • different gameplay style
  • good video transactions

  • after a while it sounds boring
  • it’s a story Integrative
  • it sounds very simple

Total Downloads: 1

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