Stealth Combat Ultimate War

Stealth Combat Ultimate War

LicenseTrial version 0 GBP
File Size115 MB
Product Cryo Interactive
Operating SystemsWindows 98/ME/2000/XP/7/8
Date4 months on
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Secret wars…

Stealth Combat: Ultimate war, the German game development company launched in 2002 by deck13, a science fiction-action game. The game offers the player the environment to the year 2038 in the last war. She is still friends years immediately 2038 Brood War, and ultimately war, what was the time? This game is in the year 2038, the world is divided into two. EMA in the Red corner, in the blue corner there’s a big Asian Empire. EMA, military units, and have an established structure as an alliance of economic forces, Asta Empire of Kung Fu as its name suggests the first. Anyway, the game before the Battle begins, the player to determine the side warns. After the parties have been determined, we attended to a place of duty in the US Army, that’s our goal. After a general overview of the game, let’s get into some details.

we are doing military tasks by using the tools in the first game. In other words, the war games, as in only certain sections, tank, helicopter, etc, it’s illogical for the military to use tools, make use of the tool at every stage in this game. Even our military vehicle collection at the end of the game it’s even happening in our own. Note that there must be a winner and do it properly the first tasks of course. 25 tasks in the game that we need to overcome in order to defeat our enemies, we benefit from doing these tasks offers 20 tools. Among these tools, can be found in any military vehicle you can think of. Tank, helicopter, jeeps or other military vehicles that are available on sea and land, we will be able to defeat the enemy troops. There is a unity in our own little game. Of course, this is to have different means of Union soldiers. Some missions support units, and in others we chose the tool we use which is leading our union, while others are controlled by a computer. However, at any moment, we get artificial intelligence in Control and we can get a different vehicle.

of course, our own tool, after stopping to artificial intelligence. Quests in the game general protection, escort, reconnaissance, such as making have been earmarked to handle. Need to use different tools for each task type. All the driving in the game as you play as both fps and TPS camera angles can be played. Finally, let’s finish the topic and let’s move on to the review graphics. Stealth, Combat, military vehicle since it is a game that was built on the use of tools on the models is in good condition. Of course, the game that came out in 2002, stopped in an average place in terms of quality of graphics is enough to show us that, but in general we can say that the problem will not create graphics. If you’re wondering the use of military vehicles with the action of the merger, or if you want to participate in many exciting mission with the little you have, will give you pleasant moments of stealth combat.

Stealth Combat ultimate war System Requirements
operating system : Windows 98/ME/2000/XP/7/8
processor : Intel Pentium 4 and above
Ram : 512 MB
Harddisk Space : 255 MB
video card : 128 MB
DirectX : 8

  • using different tools
  • the good, the tasks it was designed
  • professional sound effects

  • Insufficient graphics
  • Easy dead enemies

Total Downloads: 18

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