Stronghold Legends

Stronghold Legends

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the Date, October 2006. 2K Games is launching a game that will be a legend in the world of strategy. Stronghold legends will be remembered even after many years with great admiration.

Stronghold legends all strategy lovers, without a doubt, is regarded as one of the turning points of a strategy game. Strategy Stronghold Legends is one of the games that brought innovations in the world of a lot of fun. Quite sensible and realistic progressive realistic interactive game that highlights a structure within a structure from other games. That is to say, a strategy game in the classic produce the materials you need directly, instead of indirectly, you could get. For example, let’s need meat, you peasants if you are sent out into your field if you are sent out to hunt this meat/food was noted. Apply logic for a more realistic Stronghold Legends. If you need bread, not a wheat field if you have set up. Next, you have to build an oven and a mill. Sounds good, right?

these details made the game fun and quite realistic even though it is a little harder. The game is built on a Western myth; King Arthur. He knows that King Arthur really did exist, but about too many movies, too, and wrote many books and also there is a game about now. His father Uther the sword Excalibur to King Arthur she stuck only able to called a rock. His companions who deserves the throne the sword out of the rock, Arthur, Merlin the magician, Sir Lancelot, Medina, and with the help of characters like galahad fighting a battle against the Saxons. Of course, the legend and the line slipped a little from Stronghold legends, the game adapted to the scenario. King Arthur and the two married in front of a group of new enemies in ice. On the other side of the game they are not just our enemies in a war with King Arthur. It wouldn’t be a dragon around the legend of King Arthur? Of course. We are able to make the dragons in the game, but pretty much he wants to work, but we can say it’s worth it.

we are constructing various buildings in the game. For the production of soldiers Iron, for iron ore mine. Workshop for making various details such as Arsenal and armor we need. Unlike other games, the soldier for the production of “Honor Points”. You have to make a lot of people happy for a rise in your honor. You have to build various buildings in order to be happy people. If they’re coming to your town but they’re happy people, and thus honor you can improve your score. Outside of that, a restriction in the number of soldiers, but not for more troops, you need to make more people happy. You can distribute them as you can get the money to tax the people, it is totally up to you it’s up to your. The only production building that you have done a sufficient number of people expected from you, have a systematic structure and functioning smoothly. Based on your managerial ability, you get anything out of it.

the sounds of the game are very in place, I can say that I’ve found sound effects and speech is also quite successful. Stronghold Legends Multiplayer option in the graphs by the players in a bad direction. I can say that the graphics in age of Empires with roughly the same quality. Could be better could be better of course if you say that, but this is how bad the graphics that dedirtmiy’t. Mid-level graphic quality, but the transitions are very smooth animation and camera angle. The quality of graphics rose steadily in later games of the series already.
anyone who likes to play strategy games Stronghold legends and historical legends. Enjoyable games.


  • blended history and fantasy

  • Task design
  • artificial intelligence problems
  • faded and Dark images

Total Downloads: 2

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