Supreme Commander

Supreme Commander

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The Supreme Commander, a game that has heard the name of almost all strategy lovers. The producer of the game, total annihilation, as we know from Chris Taylor. The game met with the market in 2007. The scramble was meeting as well.

especially being very closely related with cinema cinematics for their games, I’m very careful. From this perspective, I can say that I’ve found quite successful Supreme Commander. Especially in a game, I can say from the voice the best voice you will hear. After meeting with Supreme Commander of the adventure inside they’re putting you in a nice cinematic. The highlights of the game’s story: the space-time bending in space, the discovery of temporal structures is creating some. One of these structures that allows them to travel very fast “Quantum gates”. This passage allows you to go to very distant places in the universe of the people. Using these passages, which is as adventurous nature of the human race to another planet increasingly colonial life building. But what is really interesting where people go to end up all other life forms on the planet. These are very strong a non-alien species. They put their hand in destroying the lives of people on the planet by these aliens. On top of that, genetic engineering and the rope they’re creating a hybrid race of people here who stand in a named Gibran. Of course, what happened after the uncontrolled development and Gibran of the race, the people are revolting. When she got into trouble the aliens full humanity to take revenge on humans they become involved in this war, and inevitably mankind everywhere Mayhem. This is directing the battle with one of the three races in the game.

The single-player game/Single-player option that consists of two modes; campaign and skirmish. We start the game by choosing one of the three races in the campaign mode. It’s a balance between the races in the game. I mean, it doesn’t matter what race you choose, and don’t have an advantage in the game because of race. Real-time strategy game Supreme Commander is a strategy game for the logic of classical valid; and build top eliminate the enemy. Firstly, let me say that the war has been very rough and very large. You need to check your map constantly. This map is quite large, which you can easily check it by doing zoom in and zoom out. What you need to do in the game, five open your eyes. A detailed map is also so, because four eyes are open, sometimes even that isn’t always enough. Let’s say there’s a war on more than one field, and you need to educate soldiers, but on the other hand, you need to install the units. In such difficult situations the SHIFT key in your emergency grows. Shift-workers instead of giving the tasks in any order you want in your map to bring anywhere and you can ask, and that’s a pretty useful action. Already playing the game a good thing when you say you have the SHIFT key.

a total of 39 units with the option of multiplayer game that you can play on the map. We don’t know why 40. The smallest is 10 x 10 km map by saying that let me give you any ideas about the size of the maps.

well that campaign, skirmish, and the multiplayer part … how? There are four game modes for multiplayer and Skirmish. These are based on the units that need to be protected. Order
Assassination: Supreme Commander lose the game losing the main unit
Supremacy Workers that have the game.
Annihilation: continue the game until all units are destroyed. All losing units lose the game.
Sandbox: Enemies were completely destroyed even though you continue playing the campaign on your own. I also have a mod I do not understand. Around us, the main characters ultimately die, even the death of the game is refreshed without waiting for the boots anyway.

first, the ship designs from the robot designs, we can say that the graphics in the game is very good. The soundtrack is one of the best voice you will hear in a game. Artificial intelligence is really much success. The only bad part of the game in the Great War, it does not require some more hardware. The hardware it’s a little hard in the Great War.

a real-time strategy lovers definitely a game to play. Enjoyable games.


  • Awesome single player tasks
  • artificial intelligence
  • Attractive gameplay

  • with extreme difficulty
  • high System Requirements
  • thin

Total Downloads: 3

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