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Terratech and gain glory in the lawless new frontiers of the world for the purpose of towards foreign victory, their fleet while fighting in the way of a unique vehicle design, build and manage. Working as a miner out of the world and the world run out of natural resources, to travel to a foreign planet and drill for precious materials. Them can be purified and sent to the world to augment your fleet in exchange for cash or can be processed into a new component. The rarest resources are the best materials opens the field to capture and secure the enemy bases on the planet so every position expand.

Build crazy vehicles modular blocks! The tool harder, better, stronger, and faster enemies to hunt, shoot, gather some parts and the rest of them.

Build anything you can imagine! Heavy battle tanks? Yes. Fast discovery tools? It, of course. Flying carpet bombers? Why not? New creations only move the blocks and go back to the fight and blow it directly!

Total Downloads: 6

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