The Dead Cloud Forest

The Dead Cloud Forest

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Born in a white world, a fucking mystery forest. You could do all the work, keep moving forward, watch out for the incoming obstructions, then restart the game will hit anything. Try to run further, the gain the higher the score, the orange items are Nothing , they will help reduce your speed, make good use of.
This is my first time creating an indie game, it’s simple but also has some challenging details. Furthermore it provides 3 kings of game mode. When you ass faster and faster, you will also experience speed s vision.
Although this game is too simple to say, but I think it’s an interesting thing to show other players before, this is only the beginning, I will keep creating more and more working ten fun games to play.
Cloud forest of the dead is a Parkour Game, in which players should try their best to run further with increasing speed.
Main Features:
1· racing game Intense in a Zen-like white cloud forest;
2· 3 game mode, in which the experiences of the 3 kings, in easy mode you will only face you should avoid the dead trees, which; S in the normal mode, you will face extra obstacles such as the zombie mode Of the guide boards, you will experience hard running between the zombies and try not to hit them in order to survive.
3· The game provides some special items to help players control their speed.
4· 4 running in the white cloud of the Kings Forest and enjoy the Zen-like background music.

Total Downloads: 1

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