Total War: SHOGUN 2

Total War: SHOGUN 2

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File Size1 GB
Product The Creative Assembly
Operating SystemsWindows Xp / Vista / 7
Date3 months on
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we have returned to the beginning of the series Total War game series in the first game and the second version of the Shogun by the Creative Assembly was presented to us. 5 pieces Total War game was released between 10 years and during this time also. Shogun Total War but the players and the game they forget the taste of it was they were waiting forward to this game for a sequel. As with the previously Sengoku games, game 15. Century Japan is the subject of. “Shogun,” the US is equivalent to the rank of Field Marshal. But in the game the kingdoms for Commander-in-chief means the duty to protect the kingdom.

of course, as soon as the game starts, you can’t get the Shogun, Shogun is to become a daemon, and you need to compete with wilt for the other Demon. Ultimately the best, a win-win situation. To add the game’s video we see the least among the other strategy games hoilow which will strengthen the narrative. In the main menu, single player and multi-player modes. Also the sub menu, found in the Encyclopedia feature, Japanese culture and with the terms that you may encounter in the game of any kind can be narrated.

1545 the single player mode when you start the game by choosing your eyes, you are opening a that it is trying to degradation by clans in Japan. This is one of the clans belonging to the game as you need to start. Each clan has its own characteristics and weaknesses, finding we want to be in a strategy game. So a clan with a different story after you finish playing the game starting from the beginning like he was playing a different game with another clan we can be. The game that you can choose from the names of clans are : Shimazu, Chosokabe, Hojo, date, room, Mori, Tokugawa, Takada, Uesugi.

no matter which clan you choose in the game which you need to do to conquer Kyoto. After that, you can become the Shogun. The game improved and more player-friendly Dec is one of the elements that can help cause you the most in the face. The map is now more comprehensive and a more informative way. 360 degrees swivel panel and in the game you can get this map quite useful. The game is SHOGUN 2, which is one of the improvements that come with the expertise of art added color to the game. Bushido and Chi is separated into two branches, it is possible to develop a variety of expertise in this. Divided into two branches, then these branches in detail and you can choose your enhancements.

to complicate the series even more with this game, means you will spend long hours at the computer. The upper levels of the artificial intelligence in this game, the enemy they’ve sworn to destroy your clan. But on the other hand, this is thanks to artificial intelligence, do you enjoy the game more. To play the game you need to have a computer with an ordinary system. A lot of our attention on the details of graphics, this game can be played easily on almost any computer.

Total War: SHOGUN 2 System Requirements
operating system : Windows XP / Vista / 7
processor : Pentium 4 2.66 GHz
Ram : 1 GB
Harddisk Space : 20 GB
video card : 256 MB
DirectX : 9

  • Flashy artistic images
  • a pretty good level of artificial intelligence
  • award-winning multiplayer mode
  • Concrete historical outsole
  • Improved simulation

  • can be experienced sometimes crashes

Total Downloads: 1

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