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The track of game, rummy and backgammon along with the National-one of the games mentioned card. A lot of features for non-two difficulty levels in this game, three changeable background color, two deck types, four computer thinking for the speed option, as much as you want al to be able to choose the number of sound effects which can be switched on and off, you’ll have a fun time with a very similar appearance to the truth.

for those of you who don’t know how to cook if you need to tell us a little bit of two and four playable gameplay according to the order of the papers in the same place of the previous player throwing the throwing of the paper is a card game that is played according to the logic of collecting. In place if there’s no paper ( when the paper has been taken by the player ) are thrown if you manage to get the same throwing hand of paper that you can track. At the end of the game, by adding the number of scores contained in the paper and some paper from track in your own hands by adding the points you earn in the game that is written on a sign. Play, download, and install the system requirement is very low and it is very simple to size because it wants to.


  • it’s a popular card game
  • low magnitude
  • cheat

  • does not have online mode
Total Downloads: 3

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