Universe at war

Universe at war

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Aliens invaded modern consciousness with a force irresistible. The books published about it nonstop, we also watch the television series and movies enjoyed by people of all ages continues to show himself in the games they play. Actually, when I was all those things, has been no mention of the battle with the aliens, its content, them we know they are not.

which has been the subject of the war with the aliens universe at war, producer Petroglyph games’s is assumed real-time strategy game. Company petroglyph, Westwood company EA(Electronic Arts) and was bought by the company have been established in the layoff of employees we can say that. Petroglyph combined 100 employees redundant Westwood’and I was established.

Petroglyph’I, which was previously issued Star Wars: Empire at war the game we know. As its name implies, Star Wars’s based strategy game I was it. After removing a few games by the name of the company than said it has started to work on the game universe at war. And images and videos and was introduced to the game with the demo which had a huge impact on those who love the game universe at war was released in December 2007.

universe at war’s time strategy game Empire earth 3 game also will be new in the branch and had another that was unexpected. The graphic aspect of empire earth 3 in the class liked to stay on, while admired every aspect of universe at war, took its place as a promising game, and pretty good compared to others.

I mentioned before the game is actually one of those people who is fighting against the alien invasion on. We can only say that it is a matter of fact. We’re doing things that will realize this goal throughout the game. Began to play the game on such arrays, and sections as it progresses will be more than met your expectations

In general, certain objectives in the game. The tasks you are given with the help of a map and find specific points to scroll between fulfilling your duties consist of. Speaking of the task, those tasks too to talk about; a hero to take a certain territory(custom hero)’s take u and get across another point, the hero’s defense in the form of dies and to make sure can be listed.

there are 3 different races in the game. These Novus, hierarchy and Massari’dir.3 in the race have different characteristics from each other. Have properties that belong to each race its own structure, and unlike other games you can create your own units, you can make your own adjustments.

How do we do that if you say these adjustments, for example, you can change your units in-game. Races, has its own unique features, although there’s a harmonious balance between them. Of the races in the game just a special hero, hero,’s also has its own characteristics. For example, can raise the health of falling even more and can cause extensive damage in small areas or using weapons. Hero’s are more powerful than normal units. Hero in the game’s the most important point is protection because they die, the task is deemed to be completed. Already some tasks directly to the hero’s related to conservation.

say about the game as well; visually the image quality in terms of graphics and design of the game compared to other strategy games is really successful and much better. As for the sound quality and the music, Frank Klepacki, he did a really good job.

that makes a difference in Strategy Games universe at war by the name of will be talked about for many years. We strongly recommend that the strategy game lovers. Good games.


  • the possibility to play with 3 different races
  • Super online modes

  • they can be a nuisance to change the camera angle
  • performance is very poor DirectX10

Total Downloads: 2

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