War Front: Turning Point

War Front: Turning Point

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“Hortluyor the Second World War”

when you mentioned war games, of the games on the Second World War it wouldn’t be right to pass without mention. Thousands of board games on the subject of the Second World War was developed. If you can’t commit the most bloody war in history –maybe the war with the idea that the best way to understand is to live it – many games was built on this concept. One of these games War Front: turning point.

War Front: turning point real-time strategy RTS game. WFT (War Front: Turning) cdv is a unique game in 2007 and which is distributed by Atari. Digital reality with the producer of the game. The name of the company that made the game really founded on realism virtual realism when it comes to digital games it produces. WFT, graphics and realism, artificial intelligence and the functioning and it makes you feel better. WFT Multiplayer, Single/multiplayer and Singleplayer/Multiplayer can be played as one.

as we said wft story based on the Second World War. The bloody war that erupted in 1939 again in the month of September the month of September ended in 1945. Imperialism and the winning party was an arms dealer for 6 years in the game. Millions of people was damaged because of this bloody war. This view is making us bloody and tragic wft dragging it into the destination. Digital Realty already revealed earlier, a good job with well-known quite a company. Imperium Galactica show on the same success the company now that he made a successful series like wft.

The interesting thing is actually wft unused weapons in the Second World War – or have been destroyed without the use of – allows you to use. These weapons are uncovered by the experimental studies of biochemical weapons. Our foe with these weapons we will be able to do lots of damage. Of course, our army, also we have a very small amount as well as private soldiers. With the right strategy which may change the course of the war, these special forces will be in the game that comes in handy.

WFT is quite a dynamic RTS. Sit around for hours when there’s a war broke out and since it is not realistic to think of the game progress too fast. We need to think fast and make the right decisions. The beauty of this wft.

WFT task-based strategy game progressive, but the tasks are not so uniform. Quite a task if it is to succeed in the various tasks to make up brings up new tasks. Primary tasks and secondary tasks as the tasks are already divided into two. Primary tasks consist of tasks that you need to work more on the more vital.

another phenomenon that makes many in the region also wft dynamic of the game. In fact, you can even find yourself along with assassinate Hitler in Berlin while the Red Army. Another interesting camera is equipped with a party game that is a fps. Too much fps, RTS image is not included, but this is pretty good and it’s a nice feature for the wft. Thus, the war was in remote areas it seems like that we are forced to see when we’ll be seeing in a way is also very comfortable with the camera fps.

WFT fully three-dimensional RTS designed. Very good quality designed quality graphics and effects. Playing, you’re really enjoying it. The explosion effects from the operation of the physics engine in a very successful way everything is moving. Quality it also a good thing when I’m playing wft is supported by sound design, I saw that you can’t help yourself from saying. Lighting, reflections and coatings are awesome.

and the graphics, sound and physics engine and Artificial Intelligence the field of wft strongly recommend to all RTS fans. Wft also begin to love even those who don’t like playing games of this genre. Enjoyable games.


  • Alternative date setting
  • science fiction weapons
  • very good Visuals

  • Tools remained weak.
  • small visual and audio problems

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