Wardens of the Amber Cage

Wardens of the Amber Cage

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Product Gembasher Studio
Operating SystemsWindows 7 SP1+, 8, 10, 64-bit versions only
Date2 weeks on
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The warden’s Amber-cage a VR dungeon crawler designed for both play and flat-screen cooperative action.

Heroic spirits who fed his soul to become one of the Warmage cage and Amber swore to keep the horrors inside from reaching the mystical reality.

  • Explore and claim back the cells: artificiales world corrupted by the things they were supposed to contain
  • Fight fearsome opponents and terrifying chords of their leaders
  • Difficulty settings and challenge yourself with increasing pattern complexity
  • Recover and unleash powerful elemental spells from Arsenal’s antic
  • Harvest the power of the cage to reawaken your enemies, Amber
  • Designed to progressively Unlock the talent trees to add variety to gameplay

Now you can get early alpha preview of our try !


The warden’s Amber-cage a hardcore game for experienced action-oriented virtual reality games.

Most of the VR games available on the market aim to be beginner friendly and that’s a good thing. But it can be frustrating for action fans who don’t suffer from motion sickness and I thank their own headset for a while.

We hope to offer you the opportunity to have a traditional arcade FPS experience in virtual reality, and enjoy it with your friends, whenever they get their own headset yet.


Oculus Rift and HTC Vive is currently developed for headsets, Xbox360 controllers and native VR support for both WOT traditionnal controllers. Roomscale either seated or in Play mode.

You can also play with a XBOX360 controller or a keyboard and mouse and a standard screen. We focus early efforts on the front after a decent standard gameplay but the plan to offer VR first-person shooter experience.

Total Downloads: 1

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