Watchmen the end is nigh

Watchmen the end is nigh

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Watchmen: the end is nigh, Watchmen by Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons called the film adaptation of the comic book series, adapted as a game series is broken into sections.(Adaptation of the adaptation I mean.) Developed by deadline games and published by Warner Bros interactive entertainment and was distributed in 2009.

Watchmen is a series of comic books from all known different. Comic books we are used to the normal good-hearted heroes in watchmen does not take place. Almost everyone in watchmen are grey. The beginning of the movie who rebelled in their brains go on and unarmed people with a shotgun that distributes Super-Heroes, perhaps the clearest example of this.

other than that, Watchmen takes place in a world completely corrupt. The United States and the Soviet Union in the Cold War era, people and the fault is completely digested than it was a time when it was more commonplace all the time. There is a supernatural power in the universe of superheroes of watchmen, none of them except 1. All have human qualities and only with their physical strength and practical intelligence to the fore, he’s got a mask on his face people.

The watchmen universe, Dr. Manhattan is the only character with special powers. Special abilities gained in an accident himself. You can create as many copies as he wants from him, and each copy is equivalent to itself. You can grow or shrink as much as you want. Speed within a few seconds who can move planets. Can live in any environment, the structure of the objects can change. Can tear people apart with a single glance. Cannot be destroyed. At the same time, out of nothing. The slightest movement can destroy cities with. In short, power is a character that is close to the limits of infinity. Alone all this, in spite of the corruption of humanity, a nuclear war with each other countries, he does not care about himself.Have lost the human characteristics over time and is feeling increasingly sensitive.

when we talk about the game, the game there are 2 characters that we can choose from. Rorschach and night owl. Rorschach, the brutality of the people, as you see most of the baddies lost and severely punish all mankind who wants to be superheroes. In time, that is made from a special fabric, wear a mask. The rorschach test, the ink in this way by asking people of various shapes that is based on a test showing what you’ve seen. Even today it is still widely used in the psychological health of the person being review. Feelings transform into different shapes and change its shape according to the mask rorshack rorshack ink.

night owl, Dr. Manhattan lived in the era of the superhero’s wife with romantic relationships, more and more Elite rich, a superhero with Armor more often. How do the rorschach, the sociopathic killer if he’s a night owl so cold-hearted and sympathetic character.

the actors who played the same role performed in the movie to hear These 2 characters did. Every 2 characters in the game have different abilities. Rorschach is able to move faster and attack faster. While fighting you can use stuff like a crowbar or a baseball bat. Rorshack if it is slower than a night owl, but it’s better on fighting techniques. A different technique you can use in a fight. Apart from that, rorshack unlike various technological tools. Also available are a night owl or climbing among various bombs to weapons of guns. To solve a puzzle or defeat a lot of enemies in the game that must be in harmony with the character 2.

for justice in a corrupt world who is such a character, and if you want to get involved in the plot in the story, a nice game that you can choose. Watchmen and the dark structure of the universe, how little is much more appropriate for older players, although not for players who are over a certain age, the world is very different looking out a window, is a fun game that will give you a chance to question humanity and the world.


  • Different types of combination attacks
  • the next shot animations
  • a detailed environmental
  • dramatic lighting

  • online co-op is playing
  • it may sound Repetitive

Total Downloads: 6

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