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The game produced by the company aeria games WolfTeam, an online FPS game. FPS first person shooting so, meaning you’re going to be shooting those Kars with a gun in your hand. So the game flowing from your eyes. And you, the shooter, you are playing as the person who fired the gun. A nice choice for those who want to play the online game wolfteam game free multiplayer. Our country has taken on the task of spreading this game to joygame Turkish users. Wolfteam online, forums, and announcements, with players online to stay in touch with aims. Need a membership to play the game, and after you are a member your membership that you are trying to improve.

Wolfteam games subject : human DNA in the future by some scientists’during his experiments to create absolute si on human health, DNA’s very similar to some people are discovering kurtlarinki. In a time shorter lifespan than normal people, athletes or soldiers among these people was important. Also Pfien group of companies “Epoxyn” is the name given to a drug by developing trying to turn the situation to normal. But also the “Anti-Epoxyn” in the name of medicine is filled with the French Army the French an army of werewolves, allows you to generate by selling it. So the French army is using this medication Wolfteam “wolf team” in the name of creating an invincible army. The Army’s criminal history without regard to this Anti-Epoxyn began to join the soldiers that are convenient to use. With this new army, the French, espionage, and war was trying to build a superhuman army invaluable strategies worldwide.

but the plans of the French began to work against their own interests. After performing the duties of these soldiers, not to kill people with their requests, even though the tasks began. Anti-Epoxyn, including everyone who Wolfteam after a while, came under the control of the French, and became an independent army trying to invade the earth, who was on his own. Team WolfTeam Wolves as they tore their ties from the army, so now they began living for themselves as independent contractors. Now wolf team is in pursuit of the French army who is trying to stand and fight against them.

Wolfteam weapons in the game : the variety of weapons in the game are admirable kind. And every user will be able to find a weapon to match their character, necessarily. These weapons are automatic weapons, sniper, grenades and explosives that can be placed you can find. I don’t recommend it, but some hack sites for the weapons and other similar programs are shared. We joy to be able to enable the premium features of the game, we recommend you to use the money. Apart from that you can find in forums and so on wolfteam game cheats share.

Wolfteam Online Game, Games of very high quality has acquired itself a place among. Everyone who likes this game, especially MMO games with pleasure plays. Shares at the beginning of the game players spend hours on the forums and they follow carefully. Largest war games in terms of gameplay and the effects on images of a fresh gaming atmosphere.

Wolfteam System Requirements
operating system : Windows 98 / XP / Vista / 7 / 8 / 10
processor : 1.4 GHz
Ram : 512 MB
Harddisk Space : 3 GB
video card : GeForce 500
DirectX : 8 or higher

  • Unique werewolf transformation
  • statistics are recorded
  • Weapon diversity
  • Wolf 8 different mutation

  • not addictive

Total Downloads: 1

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