World in conflict

World in conflict

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“I don’t know what to do with the Fourth World War, but with world in conflict I bet you make the third.”

Fancy sub-as the title suggests, the game broaches the subject of the Third World War. Massive Entertainment’s world in conflict from the hand, 16+ age restriction, so have a little bloody and a passionate game from the beginning Let’s be indicated.

The current date we’re going to run backwards and 1960. Global powers around the world interest has been wrapped around. When you go to the press to the top of the arms race and interstate bloklasma plays. The plane downed by Turkey, Russia manages to invade Europe. Seattle then performs a subtraction of the corridor of large predatory America.

Well, of this story where are we? We are a charismatic team Commander in a special unit of the army American Defense “Parker”trail. We could save America if we break, we save. Salvation for America and the entire Western us from looking at the bullets out the barrel. The game has both single-player and multi-player support, so you can kastirabi multiplayer. Option occurs from the single player campaign mode.

if you want to play multiplayer campaign like always you will be in a war. Classic real-time strategy games world in conflict without the obligation, which is available in resource collection, resource gathering, you will spend you will spend the game time action. One of the games most dynamic strategy game you’ll ever see. You continue with a solid and action starts with action from the outset. Downloading air Corps, the artillery firing you’re doing. As we’ve said the reason for this is the lack of an event such as resource gathering. Instead, you are buying units from the previous section, we collect points and we move on.

at the entrance as we said, We’re an agency of the defensive army. For this reason, all our army under my command. We run only a certain team, and we are working to fulfill the tasks given to us is given to us already that the most sensitive tasks, we can say that we have to determine the course of the war. In these circumstances, the troops at our disposal is also limited. You don’t get driving to be limited, easier to handle more critical tasks will be to follow up on an army because you can make it more comfortable. In the game land, air and sea units, there is a large part of the war, but the game is moving from ground and air. Most of the time infantry soldiers at our disposal. Corps sniper, we are able to equip various weapons such as assault with. This freedom is in our hands entirely. Which predict that only task in which the attack would be more effective. Not only heavy equipment we are able to manage on land as infantry tank. Both equipment are already in the air and land both mild, moderate and severe divided into three categories. These infantry, artillery, tanks, attack helicopters and heavy transport helicopters such as consists of various units.

don’t have resource limitation in the game, so very comfortable and your mind will be attached to something just because we can make a boring game. At this point the special abilities of units comes into play. While it was successful in a grenade attack infantry, helicopters, missile attacks is effective. So, where and what Weapon You will use are very good that you need to know. Otherwise, win the battle but it’s not easy. That has the option to attack even more than 20% in three separate categories, considering the significance of the situation better will emerge.

we will address the multiplayer option of the game is definitely more fun. Player vs player or Player vs the multiplayer option you can play with the option bot. If you wish so you created the bots over LAN you can fight against your opponent if you wish. (You can play with more than 15 bot)

the artificial intelligence of bots in the game will attract your attention. For example, the trench formed by the explosion of a bomb like that bots use as cover how smart they are they will prove you with a variety of actions.

undoubtedly the best aspect of the game artificial intelligence. Apart from that, the graphics and the physics engine is pretty solid. Works in a very fluent way. Sounds equally good in case synced. You can not see the dynamics in real time strategy games progressive action-strategy blend of world in conflict and if you are ready to manage the Third World War, immediately you should try. Enjoyable games.


  • real-time strategy genre a breath of fresh air
  • addictive multiplayer mode
  • Powerful story

  • no

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