World Racing 2

World Racing 2

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Product Synthetic
Operating SystemsWindows XP / 7 / 8 / Vista
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World Racing 2, free racing and driving game designed by playlogic international. Assuming the distribution of Atari game also. The game also features an arcade concept is already there. Nearly twenty years ago we played a racing game in the graphics logic. Of course, not so much. So I don’t overdo, it’s not an 8 bit game, 32 bit. Though in the beginning, I thought it was 16 bit, but still.

there’s a saying in the theater community; it may be a good script from a bad movie, but it’s not a good movie from a bad script. This word art image that are intertwined with all disciplines to apply. World Racing 2 one of the best examples of this. World Racing 2, as the scenario is very good. Guys, let’s make a game like seated head has been blown off they said, And they have to account to the finest detail. There’s even a free Driving mode and even have developed several different modes to play. With a tool of your choice that you select in a way that you can navigate freely. A good scenario is not very good from this but able to tell when s. In fact, weird world Racing 2 demo when I first played this game “as plenty of play will be good,” I said. And yet the world Racing 2 demo, it turned out better than the full version. Yes, we sometimes experienced weirdness in the gaming community.

actually, in the world of racing I liked the first game but the second one will come out inevitably when you expect more. The game did not meet my expectations. In what way not? If you would like I can include it;

Graphics: vehicle graphics are good, but mediocre the skins of the environment. AutoCAD from within a program, much like a game engine than it went. looks like Behold, the invention of fractal geometry, designers knew the design looks like it’s made with very little data.

Realism: World Racing 2, a game that’s been in the game some realism in terms of the contras. It’s overly simplistic tool to keep you on track. Press the right arrow direction, and is on autopilot to route the cars are sitting. However, people waiting for the accelerated motion at high speeds, more control more difficult. On the computer like playing a racing game in hand gives you a feel like we are not throw.

The construction of the mind of the game is really nice, designed in a variety of ways. Moreover, the game itself gives you peace of birds chirping and the spring breeze make me feel better than good, but necessary failure patterns in both realist and non-vehicle use, causing you to be disappointed in the performance.

The game is playable from a third person fps with a camera watching it from the cockpit camera but in a way things are changing. I wish the pilot the option of the pavilion didn’t mean never. However, the game should have been a lot better. Normally I don’t play bad games that failed says, but can’t get over a game like this. I wish it were better, I can settle for that too if we played, however.

The best part of the game was the sound design. Adds a nice ambiance to the game. As a result it’s not a game that is unplayable, but could be better. Gamers test the game they should still. Enjoyable games.

talk about world Racing 2 system and hardware requirements.

P4 2.0 GHz
free space : 1.2 GB
768 MB RAM
256 m graphics 5500 graphics card
XP operating system


  • Impressive vehicle damage

  • despite improvements, it’s not fun
  • frustrating gameplay
  • boring presentation

Total Downloads: 2
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