Zeal (Pre-Alpha Demo)

Zeal (Pre-Alpha Demo)

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Product Lycanic Studios
Operating SystemsWindows 7 64-bit
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Zeal is a new action RPG developed by Mynet Studios, the developers of the game team, download now planned to be released in 2018 and 2019 after a crowdfunding campaign in October and work is currently in pre-alpha state.

Zeal focuses on pre-competitive PvP that revolves around teamplay and customizable builds. Pick your class, create your allies and slay your enemies while defending your own to prepare for the build!

Fast Paced & Competitive

In Zeal, you’ll experience the thrills of fast-paced third-person PvP where your smallest decision quickly finished executing strategies towards achieving victory counts as a huge difference.

Precision key business

It’s different than similar games before zeal’s targeting system. Denying ordnance on target for most abilities, successfully landing your arrows, spells, or even healing abilities, their swings will determine if you’ll be the survivor of the bloodbath.

Builds Customisable & Unique Classes

Zeal does not come with pre-defined characters with limited variety. In fact, it is all about building your own character base classes that offer a unique identity through the possibilities waiting for you to explore. Utilize your stats are important and decide which masteries to choose passive abilities for you to reach you ultimate customization of your taste that differs from any other player.

7 classes are available for Pre-Alpha and 15 are planned for release

No Grind, No Pay 2 Win

Last but not least, Zeal offers absolutely 0 minutes of gameplay that involves grinding required. You can jump into the action without having to be equally strong in terms of errands you can run to a village and slay everyone without having to with the raw power of a dragon. Might slay you through it in the future, for cosmetic purposes!

It’s also safe to say, since this project work– for the players by the players, zeal, will never include any form of advantage to win a share.

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